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¡Bienvenidos! On the Move with Stanford is a new research study  by the Healthy Aging Research and Technology Solutions (HARTS) lab at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.


This study is convenient, personalized to each person, and designed to help Latinos practice daily habits to improve their health.  


Over the course of 18 months we will help participants set and achieve their personal health goals. Participants will be placed, by chance, into one of the 3 programs:

  • Text messaging program offering physical activity advice.

  • Phone calls from a trained health advisor offering physical activity advice.

  • Text messaging program offering nutrition advice.

You may be able eligible if you answer YES to the following:

  • Are you Latino?
  • Are you age 35 or older?
  • Do you have regular access to a mobile phone?
  • Will you accept ANY of the three programs described above?
  • Do you live in the San Francisco Bay area?


Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions above?
If so, CLICK HERE to take our brief survey!